Inside the Real Life of a Flight Attendant…

As I sit in my hotel room from the 9th floor of a beautiful hotel in Seattle, I am reminded of one of main the reasons I love being a flight attendant…

Traveling to different cities all over the world.

I have a gypsy soul and staying in one place makes me cranky. I am happiest when I can enjoy seafood along Pike Street and cruise down Bourbon Street in New Orleans the next night.

I have thousands of pictures on my cell phone from every shore line and sunset across the United States and Canada. I look forward to adding many more.

There is something freeing in exploring nature, beholding every sight each city has to offer, meeting and knowing the local culture, and enjoying food from every part of the world. I am reminded in my travels that I belong nowhere and everywhere all at once.

Being a flight attendant is more than a job. It is a lifestyle and a career that allows me to reconnect with myself and humanity.

It isn’t all peaches and roses and there are pros and cons to this lifestyle … much of which I will cover on this blog… from applying for the job of a flight attendant to acclimating to life in the skies.

Buckle up and welcome aboard.

Happy 4th of July!

Wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day from my beautiful water front hotel in San Francisco. When I worked with a different airline, I remember visiting this place on a layover trying to find a good place to eat as the hotel we were staying at had no quality food options… and on Thanksgiving no less.

Our crew wandered over to this high-class and very expensive hotel right by the airport, with gorgeous views of the bay, and we had dinner that night at a place we could only dream of staying at.

Now here I am. Enjoying a beer and dinner with a gorgeous view of the bay at a hotel I never believed I would visit again.

Which leads me to believe that sometimes… things happen that we don’t expect. Wishes, dreams, and hopes, become a reality only because somehow they were released into the universe as energy and something happened that put the magic into motion to make that wish a reality.

In a world where pain and sorrow seems to be the status quo, I like this little corner of hope I have in my world. I am not sure who else needs that right now, but hope is sometimes all we have to keep on going.

Happy 4th of July !